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Round Pin Anchor Shackle wholesaler

Scrap lifting magnet terminal box is designed to ensure protection whilst in operation and is a double entry type enabling the leads from the coils to be sealed in a separate cavity. we are the manufacturer of lifting magnet with the casting grade of is4491- 1994.

High quality high tensile g80 alloy steel clevis chain clutch shortener us $5.00$15.00 / piece

Learn more about our eye bolts including eye bolt capacity and eye bolt sizes. to learn more call us directly at 800-431-4350 today.

Gradup lifting rings are designed to lift heavy loads, ranging from 0.07 to 125 tons, which need to be turned or flipped. with a maximum swivel range of 360°, gradup rings can support the entire load in all mounting positions. the torque value marking on each ring helps to avoid the risks associated with screw twisting and breaking.

Round Pin Anchor Shackle wholesaler Supplier having a high organization reputation,from China.Our items include:Round Pin Anchor Shackle wholesaler Products are mainly exported to European countries,it really is well known in several nations.

We are an enterprise that export Round Pin Anchor Shackle wholesaler to China, we are approved by the relevant state registratio. Primary Round Pin Anchor Shackle wholesaler and sell to different regions in China, product out there upon request. We've got the spirit of "customer initial, honesty first" principle, using a quantity of enterprises established long-term cooperative connection.

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