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high quality pivot hoist rings

Screw pin anchor shackle, round pin anchor shackle, screw pin chain shackle and bolt type anchor shackle. a shackle has two main paths, the body and the pin. the body can have the anchor shape (bow) or a chain shape (d type). each body shape can be used, depending on the specific application, with a screw pin or bolt-type pin

Also called machinery eyebolts or lifting bolts, this type of forged eyebolt is fully threaded and used for rigging, anchoring, pulling, pushing, or hoisting. shoulder eye bolts can be used for angular …

Safety engineered. all loads lifted are especially important from a safety standpoint. actek swivel hoist rings provide the kind of safety that protects men and material against accidents before they occur. for use in outdoor weather and certain chemical and corrosive environments. material : 300 series stainless steel. safety factor : 5:1.

Ndustrial lifting cargo nets by lift-it manufacturing. with over 30 years experience in the cargo net, sling and rigging industries. when only the best is good enough!

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